Our Story

1Rig is the brain child of our founder John Hart. He started development on a tool for assisting in lighting rig creation and planning.

The first builds of the platform where used on shows that John designed, firstly just used to run reports. Following the success of the early builds. John decided to furver develop 1Rig into a full cloud platform.

In late November 2019, JHLD started work on the 1Rig platform. JHLD plans to launch our public beta of the platform soon.

Built by industry professionals by industry professionals.

1Rig is the product of JHLD (John Hart - Lighting Design). This tool was written from the ground up to be a tool in a lighting crew’s toolbox.

Our platform is purposely designed to help technicians and designers in their work flow and be as user-friendly to them as it can. We strive to constantly improve our platform to make it better at every release.

We are nearly ready for public beta!


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