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1Rig allows you to build a library of resources including: Venues and Fixtures. You can use these to build your performances. Saving you time from performance-to-performance.


1Rig is intelligent. Using the information, you provided we look for potential gotchas that could cause show-stopping issues.


Our production dashboard is built to ensure that getting the important information to you is as easy as possible.

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Greatness is not achieved by one. But by many. 1Rig allows you to work on planning your performances with you crew mates. Allowing you all to get the job done a lot quicker.

Clean User Interface.

We know that easiness is important. We have spent time fine-tuning our interface to make you have the best experience you can get. 


We know that production budgets are tight. 1Rig is subscription free meaning that you don’t have any more monthly payments going out.

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All access to 1Rig is via SSL technology only, (HTTPS), which establishes a secure connection between your device and Current.

Our database access is controlled to only our internal servers. Keeping access to a minimum.



1Rig works on any device that runs a web browser. We don’t have a platform preference. 

Our platform is written with compatibility in mind.









Realtime working with your crew

You can fully in Realtime with your fellow crew mates. 1Rig keeps a changelog of everything that is made, so you can keep your eye on the progress.


Regulations in mind

We build 1Rig with the latest regulations in mind. Meaning that we build our intelligent features ready with the regulations in mind. Making your process easier.


We are here for you

We don’t leave you there, our team are standing by to answer your questions.

Our developers are also on-hand so you can get the answer you need quickly.


Patched & Updated

We are continuing working on patches and updates to introduce new features and resolving problems.


Problem finding

We have a library of checks that we run at a click of a button. These look for potential problems in your rig and present them to you in a clean way. You also can acknowledge these problems to make sure that you and your crew know what is going on.

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